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Work In Progress

Sponsored Content is a speculative retail project, extrapolating current trends in retail design and user experience to their natural conclusion. It transposes the advances and practices that we have become accustomed to online into spatial realities. Carnaby Street is re-imagined as a landscape of typologies; an Ikea like maze of curated lifestyles, rather than individual shops – an immersive theatre that allows for deeply personal retail experience to be developed, with bespoke narratives created through the landscape, tailored to individual customers wants and needs.

Sales assistants, usurped by automation, no longer stock shelves or rails; they are now hosts, performers, part of the visual merchandising. Within these simulated experiences, customers wear and test products, the hosts creating the best possible environment and experience for each item. Carnaby street becomes a giant fitting room, a dress up box for the city, where coveted items can be found, and desired – an immersive theatrical experience that celebrates the love of shopping, of fashion and of Soho.